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Social Issues in Indonesia, Unemployment

We have known that to live this live well, we need so much materials. Those materials facilitate our life. But these facilities can't be gotten freely, it have to be bought by using money that can be earned by several ways. Nowadays, people can't be live without money, without money we can get nothing. So, money is important for our viabilities. Like what I've said that there are several ways to earn money and the best way is by getting a job. But getting a job is as not easy as you read, it requires our quality, skill, responsibility, time, etc. and we have to kick our laziness away. But, not many people who can meet those requirements and end with being an unemployment. Unemployment is a term for people who don't work at all, looking for work, working less than two days during the week, or someone who is trying to get a decent job and this case becomes worse because in this modern life which need more money is accompanied by less job vacancy.

As we know, that case is not a rare social issues in our country, Indonesia. So much attempts that have been done to decrease the unemployment and eventually it gets a lil success. Newspaper said that Central Statistics Agency of Indonesia recorded unemployment rate in Indonesia until February 2013 fell to 7.17 million people compared to August 2012 which reached 7.24 million people because of the advancement of industry. But, 7.17 million unemployed people still bring a big apprehension. Unemployment can be caused by so much factors such as like what I've said that the number of the workforce is not propotional to the number of the jobs that can absorb it. Laziness also becomes one of the factor, the unemployed people refer enjoying their life now first to thinking about their future. Their economic also has an effect to their education that links to their posibbility to get a job.

By being unemployed, they can make some effects for their own selves and their country. The per capita income of their country will be declined. They also can reducts the government's revenue in tax sector. They can even increase the social costs that have to be incurred by the government while the reduction from tax sector. So, this case becomes a burden for their and other people psychological and psychic. With the burdened psychic, the unemployed people can make theft, gambling, and etc. as their other ways (like what I've said in par.1) to earn money. They can even lose their working skill because it is not used and the instability of the social and political will become the finish line.

Oh how poor it is. But, if there are so much causes that make the unemployment, so there must be so much way to overcome it too! Let's find the ways..
I think the first and the most important thing is kicking away the laziness and starting to think about the ambition to get a bright future. If it has been done, there will be so much other ways to reach the ambition. The unemployed people have to be able to increase the labor mobility and moral. Not only that, the information of labor needs also have to be provided well. The government also have to be make an education and job training program. if there is still no company which want to hire you, being entrepreneurs also can be your other alternative to earn money legally.
So, if these ways can be done by the unemployed people, I believe that the unemployment problem in Indonesia can be decreased.

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