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Environmental Issues In Indonesia, Pollution (Air, Water, Soil)

In the life where we live, we are provided so much natural elements such as air, soil, and water which are very influent for our lives. We can't even live without them. Air helps us in breathing, water can be  used for drinking, washing, swimming, etc. and soil is a substance where we step on and we have them in  a huge amount. So, actually we will never be lack of them, the three elements which really have a big role in humans lives from our ancestors until our descendants.

As the time goes by, now we have already been in the globalization-era where people think that living only with the natural elements is not enough, people need several equipments that make life becomes more simple. What a good idea that makes many high-tech equipments and chemicals have been invented, created, distributed and used. With it, life looks easy. We can reach many place and people simply, it makes us feel that everything is on human's hand.

But, some of them can be a pollutant that be harmful for us and for our earth. Pollutant is a designation of causes of pollution, the introduction of contaminants into the natural elements. Pollutant can be formed as chemical substances or etc. such as motor vehicles which produce carbon monoxide, AC (Air Conditioner) and spray room perfume which make the ozone layer, our skin protector from Ultraviolet gas, become thinner and even the industrial factories which release sulphur dioxide and some of many industrial factories throw their waste into a stream, a lake etc., we also throw garbages into the water oftenly and irresponsibly. Besides of that, many modern farmers use pesticide excessively in order to keep pests away from their crops without thinking about the effects for the soil and the crops. Eventually, the earth is on "WARNING!" condition because its contents have already been contaminated and damaged. So, these equipments not only bring much advantages but also bring bad effects too.

However, the dominant causes of air, water, and soil pollutions are our irresponsibility, humans don't want to think about the effects, the polluted earth, which can be our future. The earth must be able to strike us back. We can be infected by respiratory diseases by breathing the polluted air, skin diseases because no more ozone layer which can protect us and by polluted water, we also can become a killer of water creatures, we can even be infected by stepping on the polluted soil, the soil can be barren too and then we can't cultivate any plant and there will be so much worse effects that can strike us. But, like what I've said, in this globalization-era everything is on human's hand. So, we can decide whether we want to live in a polluted earth or not.

There are so much ways to decrease it, we can decrease the use of motor vehicles by taking a public vehicle or bicycle or walking. The owner of industrial factories also can process their waste and make a waste disposal facility. We have to cultivate plants on our surrounding soil or just put it in a polybag and decrease the use of pesticide. An the easiest way that we can do is throw our garbages to its place, dustbin. There must be so much other ways that can we do to heal our earth that can't be explained fully in this article. So, what are we waiting for ? Let both of us heal our earth together to reach a healthy earth from now!!

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